Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Moon in Aquarius: Make a Wish!

"New Moon, New You" , Art by Robin Neil Williams

 New Moon in Aquarius- January 23rd 2012 at 9:35am (South Africa)

Setting intentions at a New Moon may seem like a novel idea, but people have been following the seasons and thus the Moon and Sun’s patterns for aeons, so how 'new' can it be? Right?

Farmers plant their crops according to these cycles, and so if life is intricately connected through our food intake, our nurturing, then surely our mental or thought level 'seeds' and nurturing planted at the same time, also begin to take root. The seeds planted have come full circle, and grow into a harvest by the Full Moon. . 

Patterns are repeated ; macrocosm through microcosm and visa versa, So we could use the same energy and channel it effectively into our own personal lives, including our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical experiences. The secret here, is that the astrology gives you the correct time, to make the correct kind of wishes.

Women are inextricably linked to the moon and it’s cycles, by their monthly menstrual cycles, and so there we can see the natural and obvious way the energy of the moon affects humans.It affects us all, including men, transgendered folks, inter-sexed folks,  and whilst not working on the physical level for all, works on on all other levels for everyone.

The kind of energy present at any particular New Moon is represented by the Sign in which the moon is in.  In our case, on the 23rd of January, the Moon is in Aquarius.New Moons are times for making wishes, especially wishes pertaining to the house that is ruled by Aquarius in you natal chart.
For me this would take place in my 1st house of personality, body and generally the mask we wear (not our core self) and spills over into my 2nd house because Aquarius is on the cusp of my 2nd house of Earned Income, Talents, Possessions and Values. Something new is likely to start in these particular areas of my life, and it would be different for each person. 

So I would recommend going to and seeing which part of your life you will have a lot of support, starting something new in.  
Just follow the instructions, fill in the form on the page, and your chart will be brought up. They have some insightful interpretations once you submit your information.

* you do  need a correct birth time however, or an approximate one at least.

Look to the house which Aquarius rules, the little pie sections of the chart aren’t numbered on the chart but you can count , starting from the sign intersecting the bold line on the furthest left side. See image below. 

The arrow points to what the dividing line looks like.
Under this line is the first house, and working your way counter clockwise, you can count down the rest of the house until the house above the line, the 12th.  
Look for Aquarius, and ascertain the number of the house. Then, Google the house.
So I, for example, would Google  “2nd house+ astrology” and “1st house + astrology” , pick a couple of different websites and read the various interpretations. Once you have a general idea you can start thinking about your wishes and intentions for things in that realm. It helps to focus your New Moon intentions on the issues of that house. Here’s mine for example:


The Red arrow symbolizes the start of the 1st house. As you can see on the image the symbol or glyph for Aquarius is the two grey squiggly lines, and this is on the line which separates the 1st house from the 2nd house. So It influence my 2nd house, however this New Moon is at 3 degrees and so it falls technically in my first house, but the influence will also be on the 2nd. If, for instance, yours falls in the same house it rules, then the energy would work best in that house only.
So lets focus on the actual New Moon in Aquarius a little bit more .
Aquarius is a unique sign, it’s energy is quirky, eccentric, new and revolutionary, weird, strange and even out of this world. It is a sign which operates at a detached, group level, disallowing an overemphasis of personal or ego wants.

 It will mostly strive towards a social or group goal, or the creation of something entirely new through it’s own personal genius. So look at words such as philanthropic, service to a cause, new, different, unique, humanitarian, new age,  technological, invention, revolutionary when creating your intention for this new moon. 
  For example;

I will find new ways (new moon) to express my unique individuality (Aquarius in the 1st house) through finding innovative(Aquarius) ways to make money(2nd house), develop my talents(2nd House) and change my sense of value and contribution to the world(2nd House).

There you have it. A very simple yet powerful way of using the guidance of your personal birth chart and the help of the current transit of the moon to help you get a wish in edgewise, in this ever swirling cosmic soup. 

The Moon is the fastest planet, so be quick, be sure to commit to your intention and you will see fruit by the Full Moon in the opposite sign of Leo near the 14th of February,next month.  Full Moons bring manifestations, evidence, signs of success. 

Namaste xx

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